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We offer a continued service every day both through personal attention at the ticket office as well as through telephone.

The information that we offer to our customers is very assorted, focusing primarily on subjects related to the buses themselves (lines, schedules, fares, etc.) and on touristic aspects.

Termibus also offers various added services very useful to the user, like PA system, TV monitor system and an Electronic board that informs of the next departures and arrivals.


Termibus offers a convenient, safe and inexpensive consigment service, in which our customers have the possibility to leave their luggage and be able to move freely.

We offer two different types of consignment:
  • Internal consignment, where we will personally attend it.
  • External consignment, where you check your lugage, with our help, if you consider this neccesary.



Termibus offers the user a national, centralized, fast and convenient check-in packaging service both for shipping and receiving orders, through the different regular line bus companies.


The terminal has a security service, based on a security camera system, whose main purpose is to guarantee tranquility to the user while in our premises.


This service is a main concern of our management and therefore we have a team that does this work every day, showing special concern in the cleanliness of the public restrooms.


Termibus offers the users an internet wireless installation systems with WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) technology, so that any person with a laptop computer or a PDA can have access through internet to all the information he wants, while waiting in our premises.


Inside our premises you will find a coffee shop in which you may taste a range of pastries, sándwiches, tapas plus a selection of coffees and drinks. The coffee shop remains continuously open for most of the day to allow for a more comfortable wait for your trip or whilst you wait for an incoming bus.


The shop offers a wide selection of national and international press, magazines, books, sweets, sandwiches, drinks, toys, souvenirs from Bilbao and a thousand other items that will make your trip or your waiting time more enjoyable.

Other services:

Automatic teller machine Automatic teller machine
Telephone boots  Telephone boots
Taxis  Taxis

Other information:

Urban and metropolitan train services Urban and metropolitan train services

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